Sightseeing ...

New Digha
New Digha is the newer section of the town with the beach that is suitable for a holiday. In addition to charming beach and several hotel , The latest attraction of new digha is the Science Center established by the National Council of Science Museums,

Ambabati Park and Chandaneshwar Temple. The Centre offers a wide variety of mechanisms to make science an enjoyable learning experience. A fun glass measures individual height. A skeleton gives company for bicycle racing. An Eskimos' Igloo turns out to be a planetarium. Also in the enclave is the Centre's Science Park, which offers entertaining educational opportunities. A park representing the Jurassic Age has also been built at the Centre. The Asia's largest Marine Aquarium, which is opposite the hospital in Digha.

There is a small park with a lake called Amravati lake where you can enjoy a boat ride. Near lake has a Deepak Mitra's Snake Farm, which is an added attraction.

Nearby Places
Mohna, Chandaneshwar Temple, Shankarpur, Mandarmuni, An old famous Siva Temple, situated only at a distance 8 km from Digha May visit. Also Lankeswari (14 km.) and Kapal Kundala Temple (45 km.) famous for an ancient temple associated with Bankimchandra's novel Kapal Kundala. near Contai may be visited.